Thursday, May 26, 2011

Falling in love with Loughgylnn Convent

I sit on the top step, breathing in the panorama of the lake; the daffodils which insist on blooming despite their neglect; the ornamental trees and bushes all exploding in a tenacious passion for spring. I can only imagine the hustle which must have permeated every corner of this abandoned convent in the early springs of yore; the care takers and sisters all gone now.

The work of generations were arbitrarily ended by the real estate boom in Ireland: the Convent sold off by the Catholic Church for a pittance of it’s value to Gerry Gannon, who intended to turn it into a hotel. It is a ghost estate now; the vestiges of the disciplined dedication to this breath taking estate only apparent to those who seek such forlorn places with cameras and dogs.

The Convent is now in ruins.  This blog documents what little I can contribute to it's memory with the pictures     I have taken of it from it's pristine condition in 2011, to it's horrible destruction in 2012.

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