The kitchen on the ground floor of the mansion before it was vandalised and destroyed. 2009

Google maps - layout of Convent. To the far left center is the graveyard still owned by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

The Dillon Estate/Convent is located on Loughglynn.  One can see the spiralling Demesne of trees , many of which still remain along the main road.

To the far right are the buildings used to house animals, to receive local farmer's milk, to make cheese and to school locals in this and sewing.

The front of the Convent when it was maintained and operated by the Sisters of Mary

Front of the Convent as it looked in 2009, 6 years after the  Sisters left with no maintenance.

The original mansion had a third floor, a mansard roof like the one pictured here.
After a  fired in the  1800's the mansard roof was replaced by a glass one and the third floor eliminated.

As the Convent looked before the 1960's when the Chapel was built between the two main buildings.
View of the lake side of the mansion in 2009.

The back garden, derelect in 2009.  Statues gone.

Lakeside view of chapel built in 1960s

Outbuildings for horses an other livestock

The classroom for teaching.
Red door, boiling room to separate whey from milk

Classroom window

Classroom.  Can still see remain desks inside.